Bodyslam Autism 4 - Results

Last night at The New Green Room in Dundalk the show started off with MCW co-owner Dan McDevitt addressing the crowd in a rare public appearance before a 10 bell tribute and moment of silence for WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior.

Also preceding the show, MCW legend Jimmy Cicero who was the catalyst for the Bodyslam Autism shows made a welcome return to MCW.  Wrestling is always fun, but a wrestling show to help and bring out awareness and spotlight a condition that many live with is a special thing.  

Now on to the show!

The Bruiser defeated M.A.D. by tap out submission

The Bruiser made the most of this second homecoming.  He is in tip top shape and it looked like the 5 time former MCW Champion had never left.  M.A.D. gave Bruiser everything he could handle and I feel with J.P. Callahan's direction Mustafa can be a threat in the MCW Championship picture.  However legends never die and The Bruiser would not be denied on this night!

Chuck Lennox defeated Ruckus to become the new MCW Rage Champion

In the upset of the evening Chuck Lennox was able to avoid a moonsault legdrop attempt and cover Ruckus for a 3 count in front of a stunned MCW crowd.  Amber Rodriguez made her debut as the 5th member of The Black Wall Street and was an early factor mocking Commissioner Kylie Pierce and injecting her venom early on in this match.  However Chuck Lennox proved to everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with scoring the pinfall without any assistance to a surprised MCW faithful at The New Green Room.

 Fatal 4 Way Tag Tam Match

Oliver Grimsley and Fenix Fury won the "honor" of facing Napalm and Solo for the MCW Tag Team Championship next Saturday night in Waldorf, MD.  I'm not sure if that is a "victory" when the prize seems like a grenade with the pin already pulled.  However coming out on top over 3 great tag teams should give Oliver and Fenix momentum going into Xtreme Measures on Saturday night.  Do not count them out.  Their styles are unorthodox and may confuse Napalm and Solo who won't be able to completely rely on their usual power game.

Jessie Kaye calls Nui Tofiga to the ring

Despite the fact that Jessie Kaye inexplicably started this "feud" with the big man Nui Tofiga her spin after calling him out was this:

"You left me injured"

"You left me laying on my back"

"You will not be walking out of this building tonight!"

Jessie then tried to make a handicap match with Nui vs. Hoss Hagood and Bo Nekoda.  Which would basically have been a suicide mission until commisioner Kylie Pierce intervened.

She approved the match, but only if Nui has a tag team partner.  That partner was Sean Waltman (formerly known as X-Pac)

The Appalachian Outlaws were ruthless, but Nui and X-Pac were just too much.  A cornered Jessie Kaye felt the effects of the Bronco Buster at the end of the match.  So much for getting revenge on Nui!

Lance Anoa'I vs. Shawn Patrick

First off, I think Shawn Patrick is one of the most talented members of the MCW roster and Tara has his back and is an amazing asset for him to have.  Brauns and Beauty.

However, there is no denying the lineage of the Samoan family.  A Samoan drop and Superfly splash are just to overcome.  On THIS night.

MCW Tag Team Championship

Napalm and Solo vs. G-Fed and Buckchyld

Do you want to talk about "HARDCORE"  This match was off the charts with chairs and outside of the ring action that would have made Paul Heyman proud!  The former champs stood up to the tough guys in Black Wall Street.  Amber Rodiguez has proven to be an evil and valuable assett on the stock exchange known as The Black Wall Street who retained the MCW Tag Team Championship - BARELY!

C-Fed vs. Ryan McBride

The biggest grudge match perhaps in MCW history.  C-Fed came out on FIRE with warpaint (RIP Ultimate Warrior).  He had already seen Ryan McBride attack him on all fronts in the last 3 months which included a sneak attack, a body guard and a parking lot brawl.

What could be next?

How about Justin from the 98 Rock Morning Show turning on his longtime friend C-fed?  Only hours after proclaiming himself a "Yeah Son" fan.

Ryan, C-Fed and turncoat Justin on 98 Rock

MCW Heavyweight Championship

If you weren't there it is hard to explain.  Christain York taken to the limit.  Multiple referees wasted in the process.  In the end The Black Wall Street failed in their attempt to control all the the championships in MCW.  More about this match later.  However, Drolix came within a hair of gaining the top prize in MCW and next Saturday round 2 of this battle will happen at Xtreme Measures in Waldorf, MD

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